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June 20, 2024
Decoding ‘Bidenomics’ and its role in the US election
With the US election looming in November, economic policies are taking centre stage in re-election campaign bids. ‘Bidenomics’ is both a source of fiery criticism and fervent support for the president, but what does it actually mean for Americans?
16 year-old Camilla Savelieva explains the intricacies of President Biden’s economic policies
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June 06, 2024
Marriage equality is the one thing that will last from 14 years of Tory rule
The current election campaign proves that over the last decade, marriage equality has become such a strong part of Britain that no one dares to challenge it. This is a striking change compared to the election campaign of 2010, when only Lib Dems unequivocally supported marriage equality
17 year-old Jefferson He looks back on a key LGBTQIA+ policy as the UK prepares to vote
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May 30, 2024
Meet five Harbingers’ students displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia
To “highlight the wealth that has been lost,” five teenage girls who fled Artsakh in the autumn of 2023 have joined the Armenian Newsroom of Harbingers’ Magazine
17 year-old Maria Mitko explains the background to Harbingers’ new Armenian newsroom
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May 02, 2024
Gen Z’s opportunity to shape America: The current state of the 2024 US Elections
This November, Americans will cast their votes to determine who will serve as president for the next four years, marking one of the most polarized election cycles in the nation's history. With over 8mn more Gen Z voters since the 2022 midterms, young voters hold the power to significantly impact the result
17 year-old Emily Dorman explains Gen Z’s position on this year’s US presidential election
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April 11, 2024
Teens don’t owe you opinions
As a generation we are more motivated than most before us. In spite of adults attempting to skew the opinions of teens on a vast array of unsolvable problems we should craft our own opinions and choose which to fight for
16 year-old Sanjana Senthil on the overloaded choices young people face on social media
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April 11, 2024
Keep or ditch the monarchy? The perspectives of young Britons
As time passes, younger generations are moving further away from the monarchy. From outdated traditions and scandals to the financial burden on taxpayers, young people outline their opinions on the topic
16 year-old Jefferson He interviews young people on their views of the UK monarchy
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March 29, 2024
Why Ukrainians speak Russian
When I’m asked why so many other Ukrainian refugees speak Russian, I am not sure what to answer, as the answer lies beneath complex layers of oppression from our neighbouring country – it is not a preference.
17 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko outlines the history of linguicide in Ukraine
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March 15, 2024
Interning amongst disenchanted workers, I realised the reality of social mobility in Singapore
With a stable political environment to attract a large share of foreign direct investments, Singapore is no doubt an economic powerhouse. Yet it withheld a more ghastly truth – a vast cityscape of inequality and an overworked population
18 year-old Chenxi Zhang examines the dreams of young Singaporeans
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March 08, 2024
Lib Dems pledge youth-focused agenda: Exclusive interview with Sir Ed Davey
Ahead of the next UK general election, the Liberal Democrat leader promises to continue “knocking on the doors of young people” to listen to their concerns
16 year-old Jefferson He interviews Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey on youth-centric issues
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March 08, 2024
For thousands of teenagers worldwide, MUNs are a gateway to international affairs
Globally recognised as an ‘important contribution’, young people share with Harbingers’ the value of participating in MUN as it's todays teenagers who are “going to take” the place of politicians in the future
15 year-old Klara Hammudeh interviews Model United Nations participants from Poland
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March 01, 2024
To end Russia’s influence over Ukraine, we must learn from the past
We cannot change history, but we can learn from the past and start acting in another way. Ukraine gained independence over 30 years ago, but Russian Imperial ambitions still seem to be present
17 year-old Mariia Sydorenko on the problems of ingrained Russian propaganda
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March 01, 2024
Why growing up as a young woman is scary: A teen’s perspective from Poland
Despite the global progress made in women’s rights in the past few decades, Poland still has a long way to go. The country’s strict abortion laws, gender pay gap and prescribed lifestyle for a woman’s future fills me with fear
17 year-old Maria Mitko on the daunting reality of womanhood
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February 09, 2024
US immigration authorities on alert following Honduras migrant caravan crossing
Immigration emerges as a hot topic yet again in the lead up to the 2024 US presidential election and if a new bill is passed by Congress it “would be the biggest changes to immigration law in nearly 40 years” threatening the conditions to asylum
17 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova on the growing pressure at the border
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February 09, 2024
With £28bn ‘green investment’ pledge gone, what Labour’s government will mean for the UK economy
Ahead of the upcoming general election Labour has unveiled a “Five Point Plan for Growth” to promote economic prosperity in all parts of the country. Harbinger’s takes a closer look at each pledge
18 year-old Timur Boranbayev analyses the economic implications of a Labour government
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February 02, 2024
Project helping to revive Ukrainian libraries in de-occupied and front-line territories
Russian soldiers have already destroyed more than 120 Ukrainian’s libraries since the full-scale invasion in 2022. A project called "Riznytsia Yе" asks people to buy and donate books to the affected libraries in hopes these efforts will prevent Russian influence
17 year-old Mariia Sydorenko on the ambitions of the project founder, Ukrainian journalist Emma Antoniuk
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February 02, 2024
What is ‘first-past-the-post’, and how does one command a majority? UK General Election explained
As the UK prepares for a general election, Harbingers Magazine takes a closer look and explains all the important information
16 year-old Jefferson He explains the background to the upcoming election
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February 02, 2024
‘The south is being left behind’. UNCTAD summit raises concerns over the current international order
With the largest grouping of the global south, the G77 January summit aimed to address the growing gap leaving developing countries behind amidst climate, humanitarian and economic concerns
17 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova reports on the ‘cascading crisis’ in the global South
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February 02, 2024
US and Iraqi leaders hold first talk over future relations - what does this mean?
US and Iraqi leaders have held their first round of negotiations over the prospective removal of the US-led international military coalition from Iraq following increased tensions
17 year-old Aleksandra Lasek reports on the most recent statements from government officials
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January 19, 2024
Youth backs Idris Elba’s call to tackle knife crime. ‘Increasing policing is not a solution’
Young people in Oxford not only heard about the Don’t Stop Your Future campaign launched by actor Idris Elba, but recognise the need for better measures against the culture of violence among the youth
15 year-old Klara Hammudeh speaks with the Home Office and young people about knife crime
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January 12, 2024
Major economies tackling the housing crisis: Implications for the youth
The major economies, like the US, China, and the UK, aim to address the housing crisis amid growing concerns about widening affordability gaps. This article will explore how the situation will impact the younger generation who are at greatest risk
18 year-old Timur Boranbayev on the global economic outlook
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January 05, 2024
Israel-Gaza War: The multifaceted conflict that has resulted in decades of suffering
The recent conflict between Hamas and Israel has defined a bitter chapter in Israel-Palestine’s history. As the toll rises, the urgency of international attention is highlighted against a backdrop of ceasefires and broken truces
17 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova outlines the history of the modern conflict
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December 22, 2023
Election outcomes bring optimism into the Polish stock market, experts report
Economist Katarzyna Polanska speaks with Harbingers about the historic stock market upturn and the projections fueling optimism for Poland’s economic landscape
18 year-old Nadia Diakowska reports on the the strengthening of the Polish zloty
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December 22, 2023
COP28: Youth demands to be heard on climate justice on global stage
With the largest youth generation in history, young people have taken to the global stage to highlight their concerns and participate in climate change policy-making
17 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova reports on the COP28
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December 15, 2023
Four key takeaways from the US Republican presidential debate
The race is on for the next US president and seven candidates are battling it out to win the top seat. Here are the key takeaways and topics from the Republican presidential debate
17 year-old Aleksandra Lasek reports on American right’s internal debate
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December 08, 2023
Dreaming of home: How Armenian teenagers navigate the exodus and loss of Nagorno-Karabakh
Through interviews, the impact of the humanitarian catastrophe on children, young people and families culminated in a shared dream to someday return to their homelands
16 year-old Jefferson He chronicles the humanitarian crisis in Armenia, from the takeover of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh), and its profound impact on the youth
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December 01, 2023
Autumn Statement 2023: Four key takeaways for the UK economy
UK Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, delivered economic plans in his Autumn Statement budget for the following years ahead. This article will provide an explainer on the key takeaways
18 year-old Timur Boranbayev explores the economic implications from this years report
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December 01, 2023
A ‘silent genocide’ in DRC is impacting millions of lives
In the heart of Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) stands as a nation marred by a history of conflict and a tapestry of complexity. Described as ‘the silent genocide’, an ongoing conflict in the eastern region has cast a spotlight on the escalating tensions
17 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova breaks down the escalating tensions in the DRC
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December 01, 2023
‘Panda diplomacy’: How furry mammals are used in China’s foreign relations
Recognised across the world for being cute and cuddly, pandas are lesser known for their involvement in global diplomacy
17 year-old Sofia Radysh on the shift in Beijing’s panda policy
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November 24, 2023
Compared to dogs or children, women struggle in the Ukrainian army
Women are a vital part of Ukraine’s future victory but female soldiers continually face restrictions on their basic needs. Instead, women are treated as an object of entertainment rather than living, breathing, and equally capable human beings
17 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko speaks against the discrimination of women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine
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November 17, 2023
Seven things you need to know about the UK Covid inquiry
The COVID-19 inquiry has become the focal point of current affairs in the UK. This guide aims to break down the independent inquiry and answer frequently asked questions
17-year-old Jinn Ong explains the inquiry into the UK’s handling of COVID-19
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November 10, 2023
Police arrested 26 climate protestors for ‘serious disruption’ –- Thunberg among those charged
Among protestors stood 20 year-old Greta Thunberg who highlighted before her arrest that they “have no choice but to disrupt” because “our world is being swept away by greenwashing and lies”
17 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova reports on the Swedish activist’s legal trouble
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November 10, 2023
Florida is in the middle of ‘Hurricane DeSantis’ but there will be a rainbow after the storm
Florida may serve as a global punchline, symbolizing a strained political atmosphere, internal divisions, and challenges to democratic values within the United States, but the state holds profound significance for the individuals who call it home
16 year-old Emily Dorman on Ron DeSantis’ triad
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November 03, 2023
Presidential election showed how hard Singapore’s ‘balancing act’ is in midst of US-China tensions
Singapore’s ‘neutral’ geo-political stance between the United States and China has become increasingly precarious in the face of rising tensions between the two global giants and escalating Sino-US tensions
17 year-old Jinn Ong on Singapore’s repositioning in the Asia-Pacific theatre
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November 03, 2023
The economics behind the UK’s planned ‘crackdown’ on vaping
The number of children using vapes in the past three years has tripled prompting Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to promise action against vaping, which is to create the first ever ‘smoke-free generation’ in the UK by 2030
18 year-old Timur Boranbayev analyses economic implications of legal suppression of the vaping industry
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October 27, 2023
Kosovo War – understanding the unresolved conflict
The conflict that was supposed to be resolved decades ago is making headlines in world news again, with the media asking Are Kosovo and Serbia on the brink of war?’
17 year-old Mykyta Yaremenko explains the failure of peace process in Kosovo
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October 27, 2023
Market economy and school choice improve academic outcomes, so why don’t we learn from science?
Academic variation driven by wealth and access inequalities shapes the present of today’s students. The income gap between lower and upper-class families is one of the greatest predictors of academic outcomes
17 year-old Grace Minakowski was the runner-up for the Harbinger Prize in Economics
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October 27, 2023
Denying treatment because women could get pregnant? That’s a new level of toxic absurdity
Women cannot be stripped of basic services, like healthcare, because of their so-called ‘function’, and the word ‘woman’ should not be synonymous with ‘mother’
17 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko speaks against curbing women’s rights in the US
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October 27, 2023
Will Sunak’s fight against a strained economy win over young people?
Despite an “alarming” unpopularity among young people, Sunak has tried to uphold his economic promises with the hope of influencing voters by alleviating economic burdens to improve the quality of life
17 year-old Timur Boranbayev breaks down the economic policies ahead of UK elections
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October 27, 2023
Ukrainian zoos are battling to care for animals amidst the ongoing war
Since September 2022, the Russian military has caused power outages all around the country by purposefully targeting the energy infrastructure of the country which have led to many animals dying in conservation
17 year-old Sofia Radysh reports on the plight of the animals in Ukrainian zoos
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October 20, 2023
History of Australia’s offshore detention camps makes me sickened by my country
Christmas Island is a pristine pocket of land in the Indian Ocean, just below Java, where you will find crystal clear waters, beautiful stretches of white sand beaches, heavenly weather and a long history of human rights violations
15 year-old Tanya Chi essay was the runner-up in the Harbinger Prize in Humanities
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October 20, 2023
Labour Party likely to lower voting age in the UK to 16 on election victory
If Labour’s goal was to be implemented, this would be the largest expansion of the voting franchise since 1969
16 year-old Jefferson He on UK suffrage
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October 20, 2023
‘Deranged cultural standards’ - How Sri Lanka’s misogyny is impeding its economic recovery
McKinsey Global Institute estimates that advancing gender equality in Sri Lanka could add $64 billion to its GDP by 2025
17 year-old Nadia Diakowska analyses a negative feedback loop between inequality and poverty
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October 20, 2023
Are they ‘women politicians’ or politicians? - the challenges women still face in global governance
As a young woman with an aspiration to join the political world in the future, I couldn't believe the public impudence, the unacceptable behaviour one is signed up to tolerate
17 year-old Aleksandra Lasek on the gender bias in politics
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September 22, 2023
Mass destruction of Ukrainian nature will have a huge impact on the future
The consequences of war have not only ruined lives and negatively impacted the mental health of Ukrainian civilians, but it will also result in long-term ecosphere damage
17 year-old Sofia Radysh interviews UAnimals on the environmental crisis
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September 15, 2023
Ukraine’s leniency towards sexual assault is irreconcilable with our nation’s European aspirations
A recent crime in the Zakarpattya region of Ukraine has proven once again how prevalent the problem with punishment for sexual violence is in the Ukrainian legal system
17 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko on misogyny embedded in Ukraine’s legal system
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September 08, 2023
Trump administration disregard Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s last words
"My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed” - the final words of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to her granddaughter, has seen the former justice’s worst fear brought into reality
17 year-old Aleksandra Lasek on the notions of progress
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September 01, 2023
Understanding Poland’s economic transformation would enable Sri Lanka to learn from Warsaw’s errors
Many experts fear that in light of the recent economic crisis, the Lankan government’s sole focus will be debt disposal, hence the introduction of reforms may occur in a haphazard way, jeopardising the country’s security
17 year-old Nadia Diakowska speaks with economic experts Marcin Zielinski, Professor Adam Bodnar, and Filip Konopczyński
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August 25, 2023
How the UK Cost of Living Crisis is affecting migrants
Since 2021, the economic situation in the UK has started to worsen, and this has affected many people, both citizens and non-citizens. However, while the government is providing some support to British citizens, migrants are being overlooked
17 year-old Jakub Hejka interviews Polish migrants on the Immigration Health Surcharge
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August 25, 2023
'Invisible to the Ukrainian legislation' - What it means to be queer in Ukraine
The question of LGBTQ+ rights in Ukraine is now more important than ever, as lots of these people are defending the country every day, and apart from that, are equally Ukrainian citizens who deserve to be recognized as such
17 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko interviews Ukrainian legal activists Tania Kasian and Maxim Potapovych
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August 18, 2023
The US 2024 election, explained
The US 2024 election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, 2024. The winner will be inaugurated in January, 2025. As the presidential election day approaches, Harbingers Magazine takes a closer look
17 year-old Aleksandra Lasek outlines all the important information you need to know
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August 12, 2023
New ethics legislation on the US Supreme Court is critical to preserving the rule of law
Increasing transparency standards, strengthening the withdrawal process, and requiring Supreme Court justices to adhere to a binding code of conduct is a modest yet essential step to tackle corruption
17 year-old Aleksandra Lasek on the vital regulations needed
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August 09, 2023
Trump stays popular among Republicans despite felony charges
The US 2024 presidential elections are just around the corner and according to latest polls, the Former President Donald J Trump has been crushing his rising competitors
17 year-old Aleksandra Lasek follows the US presidential election polls
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August 08, 2023
"Proportionate response to disastrous decision" - Greenpeace defends controversial protest
Activists from the campaign group climbed Rishi Sunak’s £2 million grade-II listed manor home in North Yorkshire on Thursday, August 3 and draped it with black cloth in protest of the PM’s plans to grant new licences for oil and gas extraction in the North Sea
16 year-old Justin Sau reports on the mixed response of climate action
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August 06, 2023
Russian athletes are once again showing disrespect and officials are doing nothing about it
Disrespect towards Ukrainians from Russians is an everyday occurrence everywhere in the world and this time it was present at an international sports arena
17 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko on the politics of sportsmanship
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July 07, 2023
Meet five Afghan girls who dream big for their future
After the Taliban seized power in August 2021, they banned girls from receiving a high school education. Despite these hardships, they are still determined to achieve their goals
13-17 year-old students of the OXSFJ & LEARN Afghan Project share their aspirations
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July 07, 2023
Youth revolted in France after police shot 17 year-old boy
Over the course of last week, violent riots have wreaked havoc in Paris and its suburbs. The protesters burned cars, vandalised police stations and even let animals from the Paris Zoo out. Rioters have torched 2,000 vehicles since the start of the unrest
17 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko reports on French protests against police brutality
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July 07, 2023
Turkey’s economy: Could the re-election of Erdogan pose a threat?
Despite actions made for economic recovery, there are 4 reasons explaining why the prosperity of Turkey’s economy may be under threat
17 year-old Timur Boranbayev analyses the election repercussions
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June 30, 2023
“The numbers affected is catastrophic” - Impact of war on domestic animals in Ukraine
Around 300 hundred dogs died over the course of the month when they were left alone and the town was occupied by Russian military forces. Anastasiia shared with Harbingers the first-hand experiences of volunteering to help the animals still alive
17 year-old Sofia Radysh speaks with animal experts on the frontline
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June 30, 2023
What would happen if Russia tried to sabotage the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant?
The plant, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, has been under Russian control since last year. According to Zelenskiy, Russian sabotage would result in a massive leakage of radioactive material that could reach neighbouring European countries
16 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko on the probability of nuclear disaster
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June 30, 2023
Unabomber exemplifies dangers of the far-right’s romanticisation of terrorists
On June 10, Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski, known as the Unabomber, died in prison unleashing a social media storm of Unabomber fans wishing him to rest in peace, revealing to the world a harmful and dangerous personality cult
17 year-old Mykyta Yaremenko on Ted Kaczynski’s right-wing fandom
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June 30, 2023
Rare glimpse into 21st century politics of sex and desire. The Right to Sex review
Amia Srinivasan’s collection of six nonfiction essays is an impressive debut. Writing about rape culture, student-professor relationships, prostitution, and pornography, Srinivasan is unafraid to linger near the precipice of taboo
17 year-old Sophie Elliott reviews the 2022 Orwell Prize shortlisted book
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June 23, 2023
Russian aggression will add another layer to Ukraine’s intergenerational trauma
It is impossible to understand the impact the current Russian aggression will have on Ukrainian society without taking into account the scars left by the Holodomor, World War 2, and Chornobyl
16-year-old Sofiya Tkachenko interviews mental health expert Lidiia Kasyanchuk
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June 23, 2023
US Supreme Court ruled against Alabama’s violation of the Black voters rights
In a surprise to many civil rights activists the US Supreme Court judges struck down the electoral map of the state of Alabama because it discriminated against Black voters by a five-to-four decision
17 year-old Mykyta Yaremenko reports on the Congress decision
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June 16, 2023
COP28: Controversies surrounding the first ever global environmental stocktake
Months before the COP28 in the United Arab Emirates, the United Nations climate summit’s president is facing severe backlash over his background in the fossil fuel industry
17 year-old Anatolii Mishustin reviews expert concerns
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June 16, 2023
Eco-crisis unleashed. Consequences of Kakhovka Dam destruction trigger international investigation
On June 6, 2023, the Kakhovka Dam, a largest object of this type in Ukraine, was blown up. The explosion caused a massive catastrophe for the region's residents and the environment, prompting an investigation from the International Criminal Court (ICC)
14 year-old Sofia Vorobei reports on the consequences of the disaster in Ukraine
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June 16, 2023
Poles have had enough! Opposition leader Donald Tusk galvanises Poland’s fight for its democracy
The liberal-democratic Civic Coalition (KO), with the former president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, at the helm, has a chance to take power in Poland. Its electoral campaign was launched with an anti-government rally against the opposition
16 year-old Stanislaw Sankowski explains why 500,000 people marched through Warsaw
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June 16, 2023
How Russians are ‘liberating’ animals in Ukraine? Now they stole a tiger cub from a zoo in Mariupol
The Mariupol City Council reported that the cub had been living at the zoo. After his mother refused to feed him, he was looked after by a local shepherd dog. Occupants have now decided to relocate the cub to Moscow and train it for circus performances
17 year-old Sofia Radysh on animal welfare under attack
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June 02, 2023
Maintain or abolish the Monarchy? The impact of the Royal Family on the economy
Debates over the continuation of the Royal Family have reawakened as taxpayers covered the £100 million being spent on the Coronation amid a cost of living crisis. Questions over the value of the Monarchy are once again at the forefront of people’s minds
17 year-old Timur Boranbayev speaks with an expert and reviews the figures of spending
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May 19, 2023
‘Quantity of good Ukrainian music has risen on an aspirational scale’
“We need to win the war and start rebuilding. Not only buildings and infrastructure but also our culture. Because there will come a moment of exhaustion after such a long fight, but we still need not forget that there is a future”
16 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko interviews 19-year-old musician and producer Bogdan “SadSvit” Rozvadovskyi
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April 28, 2023
Former US president Donald Trump appears in court on 34 felony charges
The indictment against Trump is based on allegations that he violated state and federal campaign funding regulations. Observers disagree on whether Bragg has developed a viable case. Some believe Trump will get off the hook. Others believe the first prosecutor to indict a president has a fair probability of success
17 year-old Aleksandra Lasek explains the ongoing case
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April 21, 2023
Could Prince Harry’s history of drug use undermine his US visa?
US immigration law has harsh penalties for lying to immigration officials, including deportation and being barred from applying for citizenship. Nile Gardiner, a director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom said “this is a much bigger issue than Prince Harry. It is about enforcing immigration law and ensuring that no one is above the law. Prince Harry is simply the tip of the iceberg”
16 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova on the current status of the visa investigation
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April 07, 2023
Unchangeable US police force is responsible for countless unjustified deadly arrests
In order to stop this cycle of repeated police brutality, the system must be changed. Acts, such as the George Floyd Justice in Policing bill should be passed and encouraged
16 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova looks at the consequences of excessive force in the case of Tyre Nichols
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April 07, 2023
Report revealed deeply concerning strip-search practice on thousands of children in England and Wales
The 363-page report, which looked at the standards of behaviour and culture of the Met, not only highlighted the ‘significant racial disproportionality’ in the strip searches of children by police but also revealed shocking cases within the police force
16 year-old Jinn Ong on the results of the Children’s Commissioner report
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April 07, 2023
Navalny should not have been a winner of an Oscar award
This movie being recognised and celebrated is unacceptable, no matter how good the quality of it might be. Such distinguished organisations with influential platforms like the Academy should consider the context of the movie before representing it
16 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko on the political messages of award-winning films
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March 17, 2023
Ukrainian ‘grains of truth’. One year of farming under Russian missiles
As the Russian invasion of Ukraine hits its first anniversary, Ukrainian farmers are facing a new set of challenges for keeping the title of the ‘breadbasket of the world’
Sophie Abromaviciute on the impact the war has on Ukrainian agriculture
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March 17, 2023
What exactly is Justice? The flawed concept behind the death penalty in the US
Organisations such as the Innocence Project work to liberate the innocent, avoid wrongful sentences, and establish systems of justice that are fair, humane, and impartial for all. There have already been 375 cases of exoneration in the US due to new DNA testing, including 21 people serving on death row.
17 year-old Aleksandra Lasek on the importance of re-examination of evidence
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March 17, 2023
How political art is used to influence people
Art, as a reflection of an artist’s view of the world, is influenced by the events happening around, including politics and wars. And just like art, propaganda is also influenced by them. Propaganda, as it is known, is the dissemination of information to influence public opinion
16 year-old Kateryna Kalyniuk outlines the history of propaganda
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March 17, 2023
The fight for trans rights in the UK continues
The Scottish bill aimed to reform gender recognition guidelines got vetoed but the UK government. In response to the UK’s intervention, Stonewall, a British charity that supports LGBTQ+ youth throughout the United Kingdom, said: “These are not the actions of a government that can stand on the international stage as a credible defender of LGBTQ+ rights.”
16 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko reports the current policy on gender recognition
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March 10, 2023
UN reached an agreement to protect 30 percent of high seas. Talks took almost 20 years
The new treaty includes territory protective measures on marine reserves and environmental impact assessments concerning human activity on the high seas, which the UN immediately described as ‘historic’. The new convention, however, has yet to be formally adopted and ratified by at least sixty states in order to come into force.
17 year-old Flora Lodd reports on breaking climate news
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March 09, 2023
The cost of living crisis: Financial impact on young people
The cost of living crisis has caused young people to be financially disadvantaged, with the ongoing situation set to deteriorate in the coming months
17 year-old Timur Boranbayev on the long-term economic consequences to youth
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March 03, 2023
‘Girls go missing, schools are closed down, teachers persecuted’. Fight for education in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan
Pashtana Dorani is the founder of an organisation running 'illegal' underground schools for girls in Afghanistan. She knows first-hand the struggles girls and those teaching them face since the US and their allies withdrew and the Taliban regained control of the country
16 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova interviews Afghan human rights activist
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March 03, 2023
‘Know your DNA’ databases could fall into the wrong hands. Policymakers should regulate it
Even with all precautions employed, there is always a chance of getting hacked. Nothing indicates that ancestry DNA databases store personal data in any different place than the information about one’s DNA
18 year-old Gleb Mishin explains the cybersecurity dangers behind DNA testing
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February 09, 2023
Lessons have not been learnt, international law is not stopping Russia
The notions of genocide and crimes against humanity are two essential building blocks for international law and vital parts of the efforts to protect human rights. In his 2016 book East West Street, British writer and lawyer Philippe Sands explains the origins of these notions
Aleksandra Lasek on the constraints of the international criminal law system
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January 19, 2023
The secret price of the war in Ukraine
As a Ukrainian and representative of the young generation, I am worried about the price my country pays for the current war not only in the matter of sacred lives but also nature. Ecology might seem insignificant in comparison to the scale of human tragedies that are happening right now, but isn’t ecology also a matter of saving lives?
Maria Rybak speaks to experts on the ecological situation in Ukraine during war
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December 18, 2022
Italy’s direct help for Ukrainian refugees is rooted in its EU membership
A question arises: does Italy have double standards and treat people differently depending on where they come from? Or is there a reasonable explanation for the difference in attitudes towards the two groups of refugees?
17 year-old Marco Morchio on difference in Italy's approach to conflicts in Syria and Ukraine
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December 02, 2022
Young people will pay the price for Putin’s push to re-enact the Cold War
Restoration of the Cold War is the last thing we need in the face of the climate crisis. Now more than ever, what we need is more cooperation between countries
16 year-old Sufiya Suleimenova explores the NATO expansion and climate change concerns
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November 17, 2022
Art of forgetting and remembering. On Lithuania's path to the commemoration of Holocaust victims
Memory is by no means neutral, and the pain of it demands decision. To what extent should we remember at all? What does it mean to remember rightly? Is the idea of memory even possible?
17 year-old Sophie Abromaviciute on relations between art and history
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October 31, 2022
‘It feels like I am living someone else’s life’, says Viktoriya, teenage refugee from Ukraine
When the war started, I felt confident and fearless. I believe because we had to move fast and think fast, my adrenaline was boosted, and this made me experience confidence. Over time, I calmed down and processed the situation. As I realised that my life was not stable anymore, my home was not safe, a feeling of fear started to develop
17 year-old Viktoriya Lysenko is interviewed by HRB's Italy correspodent Marco Morchio
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October 24, 2022
Standing by Mahsa Amini. Iran’s rise against oppression is yet another youth’s call for change
The Iranian theocracy is only a particularly outrageous, outdated, and brutal example which stands against the background of many different governments facing increasing scrutiny from their young citizens
16 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova on the necessity of support for the Iranian protesters
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October 17, 2022
How war affected young Ukrainians - and what you can do about it?
I know that our stories might seem bizarre, scary, and unrelatable. But everyone can try to understand and relate. And everyone can help - even other young people, and teenagers from around the globe. Why? To support those in need
Maria Rybak shows how the war has influenced lives of young Ukrainians and how powerful world-wide support is
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October 03, 2022
How jokes on TikTok help Ukrainians
Even during the war, people of different ages can still have a sense of humour and make jokes - which is an essential part of Ukrainian culture
Maria Chernova discusses how jokes on TikTok are helping her and other Ukrainians during the war
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September 30, 2022
Herbal Insurgency: Wielding Knowledge to Heal and Harm Under Southern Enslavement
Through their knowledge of healing and harming, enslaved people were able to create small but vital spaces of healing and alternative power within the totalizing structures of Southern enslavement laws
William Derek Pacini examines the history of herbal expertise as a form of resistance and a means to freedom
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September 13, 2022
Another Generation of War in Armenia. Living Everyday to the Fullest
In my village, we can hear any movements in the Azerbaijani military position. Such a close presence of the adversary army has negatively affected the mental state of the villagers, especially the young
Syuzanna Gyumshudyan examines the mental health of her peers two years after the bloody war over Nagorno Karabakh
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September 10, 2022
A Plague Constant: Disease and Conspiracy in the Early Modern Period and Today
Today, as during the Great Plague of London, some of those holding office have put forward questionable remedies said to be more effective than mainstream treatments
Zachary Górka considers the similarities in public reaction and conspiracy between COVID-19 and the Great Plague of London, almost 400 years apart
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August 25, 2022
‘An eye-opening experience’. Diary of a volunteer helping refugees at the Polish-Ukrainian border
When I arrived in Przemysl, a quaint little town on the Polish-Ukrainian border, I did not know what to expect. I wanted to provide help in any way I could, although I thought my lack of a shared language with the Ukrainians would largely limit my role
17 year-old Jonathan Wong about his time volunteering in Przemysl
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August 23, 2022
The voice of fashion stands in solidarity with Ukraine
As we say in Ukraine: “everything will be Ukraine!”. And if so, everything and everyone – including the fashion industry – must admit its political side
Maria Rybak describes how the fashion industry responded to the war in Ukraine
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August 18, 2022
Trump and Johnson: the parallels between their populism and influence
Amongst all their similarities and differences, Trump and Johnson still command a large following. This following can become so loyal, that they are often given near God-like status and threaten to be above the law
Isaac Kadas compares the former leaders current grip to power
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August 16, 2022
Norman Davies: In 1919, Soviet invasion bolstered Polish national identity. Now it happens in Ukraine
“In 1920, nobody, no experts, no generals gave Poland a chance. In February, no experts gave Ukrainians much of a chance. The Ukrainians captured Russian tanks where the men were dressed in parade uniforms”
An interview by 18 year-old Jeremi Kulczyk-Lubomirski and 16 year-old Maciej Cebula
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August 11, 2022
Explainer: How does the Tory leadership election work?
Following the UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s resignation, the conservative party is in the process of electing its newest leader
17 year-old Grace Whitehouse outlines the Conservative election race in the UK
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August 09, 2022
Are young people the biggest losers of the UK Conservative race?
Truss believes in spending today and paying it back later. From our young perspective, this benefits the Boomer Generation who will have lower income tax and soon go into retirement, whilst the working population of Millennials and Gen Z will have to pay the price
19 year-old Isaac Kadas explains how the Tory leadership race harms the future of those young today
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August 08, 2022
I doubt that Liz Truss will make girls’ lives better. Here’s why
If elected she has the capabilities to make significant headway in the progression of women’s rights, however based on her history of ineffectual action, it is unlikely for her to make tangible change within the UK
17 year-old Grace Whitehouse considers how Women’s rights in Britain will be harmed under Liz Truss leadership
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August 04, 2022
Cost of a trendy pup; the flat-faced issue explained
Humanity has been playing god and creating new breeds for a long time now, and the moment to take responsibility has arrived
16 year-old Sofia Radysh investigates the problems of Brachycephalic dogs
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July 09, 2022
War in Ukraine from the inside
My life, just like the life of other Ukrainians, has been divided into “before” and “after”. Before the 24th of February, I couldn't believe that in the twenty-first century people would be capable of starting an actual war
16 year-old Diana Kuksova reveals how it is to live as a teenager during war
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July 05, 2022
It is teenage girls who will be affected the most by abortion bans in the US
The Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case, which removed the right for abortion in the US was done by a group which is 80 percent male, 80 percent white and 100 percent in their 50s or older. The societal group which is going to be affected by the change, is the complete opposite.
16 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova on the implications of overturning Roe vs Wade
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June 22, 2022
Medicare for All: a debate
Seeing a million citizens die due to the COVID-19 pandemic, along with an economic crash and rising unemployment, just highlights the importance of the Medicare for All debate. Could this program transform our healthcare system for the better – or would it further harm our economy?
Dylan Yip lays out opposing stances on the Medicare for All debate in the United States.
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June 22, 2022
A thought-provoking experience. For better or worse. How to Blow Up a Pipeline review
In his 2020 book a leading Swedish climate activist since the 1990s condemns the nonviolent methods mobilised in the climate movement by claiming they only promote passivity—instead, offering us a historical argument, Malm persuasively argues for a more aggressive and confrontational approach.
Sophie Elliott reviews Andreas Malm’s How to Blow Up a Pipeline
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April 13, 2022
Farming on the battlefield. The reality behind Ukraine’s efforts to put food on our tables
Undoubtedly, the world hunger problem will be further exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. With bombs landing in fields, farmers joining the military, fuel, seed, and fertilizer shortages, alongside the blocking of ports in the Black Sea by Russian fleets and mines, UNICEF expects the number of hungry children to double as a result of Putin’s war.
Sophie Abromaviciute on how the Russian aggression against Ukraine will result in global famine
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April 05, 2022
Orbán’s comfortable win depicts how Hungary went further East than anyone in the West hoped
Had Orbán lost, there would have been global ramifications - but the same could be said after his victory. Despite recent defeats and being on the back foot, global populism is still alive and has a proven stronghold in Hungary, where one of its principal flagbearers is entrenched. Orbán’s victory shows that if run effectively enough, autocratic governments are very difficult to be unseated.
Isaac Kadas on Hungary’s eastbound journey
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April 03, 2022
There is a global angle to the election in Hungary
Hungary is a nation less than 10 million strong, yet today’s election could unlock the global battle against nationalist populism.
Isaac Kadas explains the battle for populists' stronghold
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March 30, 2022
In Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I cannot help but see my two sister-nations at war
In Kazakhstan, like in any other former Soviet republic, there is a strong feeling that the Ukrainian struggle against Russia is going to define our fate as well, no matter which way it goes
Ilya Kan on the ripples Putin’s war sent across the former Soviet Union
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March 18, 2022
How war in Ukraine has crept into young Londoners’ minds
We, the youth, are rapidly developing the knowledge, understanding, and vocabulary that makes us capable of talking about the war in Ukraine.
Natasha Banga about the knowledge many hoped never to need
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March 18, 2022
Anti- or pro-Western, Hungarians look at Ukraine through the lens of their troubled history
If it would be at all imaginable for Moscow to have an ally for its plans to redraw borders in Central Europe, Viktor Orbán would be the person to probe - to the horror of a strong pro-Western minority and the majority of Hungary’s youth.
Isaac Kadas explains how century-old Trianon treaty shapes Budapest’s relationship with Moscow
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March 18, 2022
School survey: 47% of students follow Russia’s invasion on Ukraine through social media
Without a strong foundation on the historical context of the invasion, many younger individuals may be at a higher risk of being influenced into holding certain opinions. This is further exacerbated by acquiring the majority of their information through social media, which is littered with difficult to avoid misinformation.
Daria Badger and Noor Bejjani research into how young people source information
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March 08, 2022
"We don’t want this war". The invasion of Ukraine is Putin’s, not Russians’ doing
In the midst of this conflict, the international community must remain aware of the vital distinction between Russians, and those in power in Russia. In the context of the war, the two have little to nothing in common.
Mary Stabinska about the consequences of power unchecked
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March 01, 2022
Six days ago, the war started. Ukraine and Russia, the two of my homelands
Ми більше не боїмося Хоча страшно Але не до страху... Нам уже не страшно Хотя страшно Но не до страха… We’re not scared Although we are just cannot afford to…
Eva Smolokovskaya on anger and powerlessness
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February 18, 2022
Colston Four trial and the blunder of Police and Crime Bill reflect a divide in Britain
The ideological profile of the current British government - labelled as Johnsonism, in resemblance to Trumpism - embodies the belief that protest is something undesirable
Isaac Kadas examines why Johnsonism is so afraid of “noisy” protests
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January 20, 2022
With the notion of progress gone, gender equality is slowly dying in Poland
Since 2015, the ruling Law and Justice party has rejected the notion of progress which had characterised the Second Republic of Poland - despite the fact that it is the same Second Republic that the same Law and Justice politicians consider to be the embodiment of ideal Polish society.
Aleksandra Lasek on Poland's nationalists' lack of political consistency
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December 01, 2021
Even if refugees are lured by Belarus, it is not a reason for Poland to violate international law
"From the legal point of view, the problem is that the practice of pushbacks is illegal. When the person appears on the Polish territory and applies for asylum, then the asylum application should be processed and the person should have the right to stay in Poland until the final decision is reached."
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights’ lawyer Jacek Bialas in conversation with Levon Nurijanyan explains why Poland's push-backs of migrants are illegal
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November 01, 2021
The scared sitters, a new formation in the environmental struggle
A fiery-haired girl with porcelain skin sits in the middle of a busy street, looking at something beyond the border of the picture.
Mary Stabinska studies the politics and ethics of desperation.
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October 28, 2021
Caroline Hickman: Anxiety and anger are psychologically healthy responses to climate crisis
The UK-based philosopher, psychotherapist and researcher has made it her mission to help people cope with denial, depression, anger and powerlessness which so many face because of the climate crisis.
She sat with Eva Smolokovskaya to explain what she has learned over the last two decades.
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October 21, 2021
At Ritsona Camp it has been three years since child refugee Leila was last inside a classroom
There is no reason for the refugee children in Europe to be denied an effective and equal education.
Polina Aksenenko and Parwana Amiri about the consequences of spending on walls instead of buses at Ritsona Camp in Greece.
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August 24, 2021
What I Heard About Covid-19
I heard Trump’s term in office had coincided with more than 25 million confirmed coronavirus cases, over 400,000 of which resulted in fatalities.
Daria Badger on fading memories
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August 17, 2021
Populism 2.0. Why Johnson’s populism survived COVID-19 while Trump’s failed
The pandemic revealed differences between dishevelled, right-wing politicians who were previously very difficult to be distinguished.
Levon Nurijanyan analyses a new strain of populism
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August 17, 2021
Paralympic medalist Theresa Goh: ‘I was thinking: do I have to quit swimming and find a job?’
“I have seen a lot of change. Previously, newspapers used to place athletes with disabilities in the home section, now they are actually placing us in the sports section.”
Jinn Ong sits with Singaporean Paralympic swimmer Theresa Goh to discuss inclusivity and equality


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