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March 01, 2024
Miyazaki’s perfect blend of magic and existentialism –The Boy And The Heron Review
Beautiful both visually and story-wise, The Boy And The Heron is a must-watch. It is suitable for every age as almost everyone will find something in the film to relate to
18 year-old Anatolii Mishustin on tantalising cinematography in an emotive animated film
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December 08, 2023
Fast fashion’s ugly secret. Numerous brands in legal trouble over intellectual property theft
The fast fashion industry has long been infamous for its exploitation of vulnerable labourers, waste production, and environmental degradation. More recently, however, intellectual property scandals have also mounted against some notable fashion corporations
16 year-old Tanya Chi reports on independent designers’ accusations
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August 13, 2023
Contested artefacts from the British Museum: 7 things you need to know
In recent years, many countries where these artefacts originated have become more vocal in calling for their return, arguing that the objects were taken unethically and without consent
16 year-old Justin Sau outlines the appeals for repatriation
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August 09, 2023
Oppenheimer review: Three-hour long biopic nothing short of mind-blowing
In unity with cinematography, sound design, and the soundtrack Nolan creates a horrifically immersive experience which controls every atom in the viewer's body
17 year-old Anatolii Mishustin reviews Nolan’s newest blockbuster
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July 14, 2023
'Barbenheimer': is this the most important box office battle in a decade
Barbie is winning, and it is hardly surprising. After all, one film is about dealing with mortality, the sense of self purpose, and challenging American elites, and the other one is a historical thriller titled Oppenheimer
17 year-old Anatolii Mishustin on ‘counterprogramming’ movie marketing
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June 30, 2023
A story that will keep you webbed to the seat. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse review
The sequel takes everything the audience loved about the first Spider-Verse movie and turns it up a notch – if not more
17 year-old Anatolii Mishustin reviews the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe
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June 23, 2023
The art of ‘bad’ art: on Tracey Emin’s My Bed
In Tracey Emin’s My Bed, we realize that art is about expression, meaning, and the authenticity of human emotion. In using such an evocative installation, Emin not only illustrates the active and almost rebellious voice she takes on as an artist but emphasizes the beauty in chaos
17 year-old Megan Lee explores the art of confession
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March 17, 2023
How political art is used to influence people
Art, as a reflection of an artist’s view of the world, is influenced by the events happening around, including politics and wars. And just like art, propaganda is also influenced by them. Propaganda, as it is known, is the dissemination of information to influence public opinion
16 year-old Kateryna Kalyniuk outlines the history of propaganda
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December 07, 2022
(Un)Open art. Why is modern art so intimidating?
The feeling of misunderstanding art usually evolves from a lack of curated education. But if art is supposed to be free, should education truly play a crucial role in enjoying it?
Maria Chernova shares her opinion on the openness of art and closedness of art recipients.
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September 18, 2022
Art of humanity. Why Lithuanian Jews took part in the fight against apartheid in South Africa
Once kindness becomes prevalent, it appears to be spreading. Human relations develop as we experience the inevitability of life - whether it is peace or war, core human values remain the same. A formation of a crystal – I think of an artwork I saw in Kaunas, depicting the bonding of ions and atoms which make the crystal grow - is parallel to how human relations develop.
17 year-old Sophie Abromaviciute on the lesson from an art festival in Kaunas, Lithuania
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September 12, 2022
INO’s Tosca: the aesthetics of agency
Tosca offers a compelling evaluation of the complexities of female agency. She is an immensely complicated character—both pious and charitable, but also jealous, impetuous, passionate, and artistic
16 year-old Sophie Elliott analyses the Irish National Opera’s performance of Tosca with the backdrop of its political roots
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August 23, 2022
The voice of fashion stands in solidarity with Ukraine
As we say in Ukraine: “everything will be Ukraine!”. And if so, everything and everyone – including the fashion industry – must admit its political side
Maria Rybak describes how the fashion industry responded to the war in Ukraine
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August 16, 2021
'Sorry sir, my connection is bad'
The texts in the artwork are actual messages I have sent or received this past year. Using them made me acknowledge the new vocabulary we now use on the daily basis and the frequently used phrases excusing our tardiness to online classes or the lack of finished homework, like “Sorry Sir, my connection is bad.”
Artist's take on the months of the pandemic from Elizabeth Bronstein

visual arts

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